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Raquel Kurpershoek

Raquel Kurpershoek’s project Nizami is based on the book The Seven Wise Princesses by Nizami Ganjovi. The artist tells this story about seven princesses who are each from a different part of the world. Each has their own theory about love and a colour they associate with this concept. This is achieved through different musical styles that serve to create an intimate and poetic atmosphere. She is accompanied by the guitarist Alejandro Hurtado and percussionist Danny Rombout, who together invite us to dream and to travel through other worlds.

With this show, Raquel seeks to connect, to enrich and to create a universe which the audience can identify with. She does this by exploring the different ways of loving, and by exploring fragility, friendship, desire, sadness and true love.


Raquel Kurpershoek | vocals
Alejandro Hurtado | guitar
Danny Rombout | percussion

Raquel Kurpershoek
+34 608 94 15 66