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SAMBACH is a new sextet music&visuals show created in Barcelona and which aims to reveal the secret bridges shared by Johann Sebastian Bach\’s culture and Popular Brazilian Music. SAMBACH is leaded by the the artistic direction of Pol Onyate, pianist and composer specialized in Brazilian music, and coproduced with the cross-over violinist and composer Francesc Guzman, formed in classical and religious conservatories.

The show is presented in sextet -female voice, traditional flutes, violin, piano&keyboards, drums&percussion and contrabass-, and features sensitive and consolidated musicians such as Cristina Renzetti and Xavi Lozano. SAMBACH is commissioned by Daniel Tarrida, director of the Bachcelona Festival, and it was premiered at Luz de Gas – Barcelona on July 21, 2019 at the closing party of its 7th edition.


Julio Bernardo | bass
Haizea Martiartu García | sax and clarinet
Pol Oñate |  piano, keyboards and composition
Francesc Guzmán Bonet | violin, keyboards and composition
Elisa Lécuyer | vocals
Jefferson Otto | drums and pad
Pablo Gutiérrez | VJ