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CUROS is a self-managed music and art project which has been running since 2018, created by the musicians Lluís Borrell and Bernat Tortajada and the artist Mireia Vilapuig. It mixes influences from different styles to create a very innovative sound and production aesthetic. The style varies depending on the song, and for this reason the members of the group classify their music as Neo-Pop. So, we can expect to see references from soul/funk, hip-hop, hints of jazz and modern fusion and touches of modern pop vocal production. The result is well-honed and complex music with a very commercial character which will appeal to a wide range of audiences. 

Their live show has two formats: duet and band.  For JAZZ I AM they are performing in their largest formation, accompanied by five excellent musicians, who perform the original songs in an eclectic and spell-binding live show which will captivate the audience: sophisticated and yet accessible


Lluís Borrell | bass
Bernat Tortajada | voice/electric guitar
Mario Coloma | electronic keyboards
David Gimeno | drums/percusion
Roger Pi | drums/percusion
Álvaro Ocón | trumpet
Dylan Chandler | sax