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Tomas Fosch

Catalan pianist Tomàs Fosch presents his new reslease at JAZZ I AM, Solid Society (Tres Ceps, 2019), recorded live at Jamboree with Gianni Gagliardi (tenor sax), Tom Warburton (double bass) and Jesse Simpson (drums). This record aims to capture the Catalan pianist’s current interests and concerns and includes original compositions as well as jazz standards arrangements with rhythmic fusions and touches of hard-bop. The album becomes the review of a compositive and introspective period in Barcelona, but also interactive and collaborative. Sharing music that resonates from inside. “In this ‘liquid’ society we try to build pillars to make it more solid. This record is about the solid, the timeless and the real”. 


Gianni Gagliardi | tenor sax
Tomàs Fosch | piano
Tom Warburton | double bass
Jesse Simpson | drums