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The pianist Toni Saigi presents La Prinsire de la Sal (Underpool, 2018), his first album as leader, in this occasion of the quartet Tronik, which is completed by the saxophonist Jaume Ferrer, the bassist Marc Cuevas and the drummer Carlos Falanga.
In this album we find a repertoire of original songs written by Saigi, where we can appreciate the great weight of jazz from the 50s and 60s in his music, but also the influences of contemporary composers and contemporary musicians with whom he is part of the current jazz scene in Barcelona. The ten themes of La Prinsire de la Sal have been recorded in the UnderPool record studio, a place where Saigi wanted to make his music sound and where the whole band has perfectly translated the musical imagination of this young pianist.


Toni Saigi (piano)
Jaume Ferrer (tenor sax)
Marc Cuevas (double bass)
Carlos Falanga (drums)