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Nio means soul in Mandinka, the native language of the Senegalese musician, singer and composer Momi Maiga. This project is the fruit of diverse inspirations born in Senegal and expanding towards Mediterranean roots and multiple varied styles, thanks to the musician’s coming to Europe. This is the backbone of the show, where musical openness and a certain eclecticism can be appreciated in each composition.

A virtuoso on the kora, with impeccable vocal fluency and an astonishing musical sensitivity, Momi reflects on human values. It is a dynamic and constant dialogue between cultures, awakening a range of emotions from the deepest sadness to meditation and the joy of living.


Momi Maiga | kora and vocals
Carlos Montfort | alto violin, bass violin, electric bass and vocals
Marçal Mialet | cello and vocals
Aleix Tobias | drums and percussion


Management & Booking Momi Maiga
Núria Domènech
+34 695 53 90 12
[email protected]

Booking Bèlgica
+32 (0)474 50 43 51
[email protected]