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The history of jazz is full of examples of scepticism about new trends: cool, bebop, latin, flamenco-jazz and free jazz were initially greeted with resistance before being embraced by the vast majority of jazz enthusiasts. Thanks to the numerous jazz events which take place all around Europe and the emergence of new experimental groups who cross the borders of musical genres, jazz is reaching wider and younger audiences. Who represents this emerging scene and how do they reach more audiences? Kenneth Killeen and Daniel Best discuss these topics, moderated by Mark van Schaick.


Kenneth Killen


Kenneth Killeen has been professionally involved in the music industry since the mid 90’s and has worked across many aspects of its creative practice, as a musician, teacher, promoter, curator, public speaker and producer. He is the CEO and Artistic Director of Improvised Music Company (IMC), Ireland’s leading promoter of jazz & ethnic music and a dedicated resource organisation for Irish jazz musicians. He is also the Artistic Director of IMC’s flagship festival of European emerging music professionals: 12 Points.



Daniel W. Best has been working in the field of music since the 90ies in Berlin. As one of the early protagonists in the world famous electronic club music scene he went on to found his own booking and event agency Best Works. Over the last 20 years he has been working with the world-known acts Jazzanova and is currently also booking the band Meute worldwide.  Since the founding of the XJazz Festival he has been heavily involved in booking fresh artists looking for more untypical Jazz-fesival artists. 

Especially artists that cross borders into other fields such as electronic, classical or world styles.


Mark van Schaic


Mark Van Schaick is programmer of inJazz conferences. inJazz is one of the leading jazz networking events in the Netherlands.  From 1984 to 2005 he has been a writer and editor of the Dutch music magazine OOR. Below he was editor in chief of the specialized magazines Gitarist, Slagwerkkrant and Interface. With the Dutch company Buma/Stemra he has been a producer of Buma, the magazine for its members. Besides his experience in the field of writing and editing, Mark Van Schaick is actively working as a programmer on Buma ROCKS!.