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The Black Barbies is one of the most original and innovative proposals in the current music scene. This band from Barcelona brings musicians from different backgrounds together, both stylistically and geographically (Spain, Italy, Africa), which is why, from the very first note, they create a sensational, explosive mix of sounds and flavours of the most extraordinary kind.

With the powerful voice of Xiluva Tomás at the helm and the musical direction of guitarist Oriol Riart, they also have the funniest and sexiest brass section in all of Barcelona.

To the rhythm of jazz, swing, soul and funk, their music is a journey through the different styles of black music and pop that invites you to move your body, to sing, and enjoy a show without equal.

With a very careful vintage aesthetic and an impeccable staging, they immerse the audience in an enthusiastic atmosphere of surprise, joy and complicity.


Xiluva Tomás | vocals & violin
Oriol Riart | guitar
Aurora Arenare | trombone
Noè Escolà | saxophone
José López | double bass
Guillem Arnedo | drums