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18:15 – 22:00


JAZZ I AM opens its sixth edition with a celebration bringing three productions from the Barcelona music scene to an international professional audience. Each is representative of Taller de Músics’ DNA: Chicuelo, The Lamento, and Taller de Músics Faculty Septet. It is a grand welcome party in the heart of Paral·lel and will be the starting gun for the commemoration of 45 years of Taller de Músics.

In addition, the duo Alosa will accompany the event before the speeches of the JAZZ I AM partner institutions.



Comprising the singer Giulietta Vidal and the cellist Irene Romo, this duo emerged from the classrooms of the Taller de Músics Escuela Superior de Estudios Musicales (ESEM) and has become a viral phenomenon. What began with a simple friendship, ended up leading to the professional union of these two instrumentalists who love composition and performance and share very similar musical tastes and a common vision of music.

They present a very varied repertoire, ranging from their own songs to personal interpretations of Catalan folk music, as well as jazz standards. The element that unites all the pieces is the instrumentation: the two voices, the cello and the percussion. There is also a wonderful naturalness to the way the two members express and experience the music.


Giulietta Vidal | vocals & percussion
Irene Romo | vocals, cello & percussion

Taller de Músics Faculty Septet


Taller de Músics Faculty Septet is a super band made up of some of the most outstanding musicians on the Barcelona jazz scene. All have a consolidated international career as both leaders and collaborators with great artists from all over the world. They are: Joan Mar Sauqué, Santi de la Rubia, Lluc Casares, Vicenç Solsona, Néstor Giménez, Pau Lligadas and Joan Terol. With this new line-up, created expressly for the occasion, the musicians explore contemporary jazz with original music. These seven continue to lead the way on the national scene.


Joan Mar Sauqué | trumpet
Lluc Casares | sax
Santi de la Rubia | sax
Vicenç Solsona | guitar
Néstor Giménez | piano
Pau Lligadas | double bass
Joan Terol | drums


Marta Garrett | voz invitada


Chicuelo – ‘Caminos’

Juan Gómez ‘Chicuelo’ is one of the most outstanding guitarists on the flamenco scene and one of the most prolific and interesting composers of recent generations. In his extensive career, his name has appeared working with artists such as Enrique Morente, Miguel Poveda, Duquende, Mayte Martín, José Mercé, El Cigala, Chano Domínguez or Carles Benavent.

Now, he presents Caminos, his new project. Made up of tangos, alegrías, bulerías and granaínas, and with an atypical line-up, it opens up new sound paths in flamenco. The show unites originality, boldness and art, and transmits this essence with the same naturalness as the connection we see between the four artists on stage.


Juan Gómez ‘Chicuelo’ | flamenco guitar
Manel Fortià | double bass
David Gómez | drums
Karen Lugo | dance

The Lamento
The Lamento


The Lamento is the result of a long journey of research by the multitalented musician Ramon Escalé to find a musical, conceptual and, above all, emotional connection between two roots musics: black spirituals and flamenco. Passion, strength, lament, treasure, viscerality and authenticity are what emanate from this show, where the musical forms experiment freely with the rhythmic complexity of flamenco and, at the same time, the simple but overwhelming melodies of the spirituals. To do so, Ramon Escalé joins forces with Paula Domínguez, with whom he discovers the point where these two worlds intertwine naturally.


Paula Domínguez | vocals
Laura Marchal | vocals
Carmen Cortés | vocals
Violeta Barrios | dance
Martí Serra | alto sax
Marc López | Spanish guitar
Ismael Alcina | bass
Jesús Campos | percussion
Ramon Escalé | organ, arrangements & conducting


Cendra, 34. 08001 Barcelona
T. +34 93 443 43 46
[email protected]


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