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Alba Careta Group


Teia means resinous or splintery wood in Catalan, a type of wood that burns easily. This is the title of the third album by trumpeter and singer Alba Careta from Catalonia. It contains a collection of her latest compositions, inspired by her own experiences, which consolidate the artist in both the Catalan and European jazz scenes after her successes with Alades (Segell Microscopi, 2020) and Orígens (Blue Asteroid Records, 2018). Now, Alba Careta Group presents six original compositions and two well-known versions of the Catalan New Song (La Nova Cançó) with the explosive, energetic and organic jazz that distinguishes the band.

The concept of “Teia” encompasses various struggles and beliefs that make up the imagery of the album: the inner conflicts we all experience between what is imposed on us and what we truly believe in and want for ourselves; the experience of acknowledging that sometimes intuition and effort are the flame that guides us to find our own true path; and finally, the importance of taking care of the simple little things that end up forming a bonfire that accompanies, inspires and comforts us.


Alba Careta | trumpet and voice
Lucas Martínez | tenor sax
Roger Santacana | piano
Giuseppe Campisi | double bass
Josep Cordobés | drums

Co-production: Alba Careta / Diàspora Colab / La Marfà – Centre de Creació Musical


Diàspora Colab
[email protected]
+34 605792214


Cendra, 34. 08001 Barcelona
T. +34 93 443 43 46
[email protected]


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